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You can contact us by emailing: post@melindrafod.cymru

About Melin Drafod

National Committee Members 2021-22

  • Steve Blundell
  • Mererid Boswell (Secretary)
  • Sam Coates
  • Talat Chaudhri (Chair)
  • Osian Elias (Treasurer)
  • Llywelyn ap Gwilym
  • Elin Hywel
  • Sion Jobbins
  • Colin Nosworthy (Deputy Secretary)
  • Harriet Protheroe-Soltani

What is Melin Drafod?

Independence is a question which is going to face us as a nation in the years ahead.

Melin Drafod is the only think tank which is looking at the path, and the policy questions related, to independence for Wales.

Our think tank supports, facilitates and is a critical friend of the grassroots independence movement.

Melin Drafod is not affiliated to any political parties. We concentrate on giving detailed attention to the questions raised by the rising support for independence.

Our priority is promoting progressive independence, not independence for its own sake. We discuss solutions to the major crises of our age – from climate change and language minoritisation to the scourges of poverty and racism – both here and around the world.

There is a real need to thoroughly prepare for Welsh independence. Sooner or later the question will face us, and Melin Drafod is here to prepare the way.

Our Constitution

Click here to read our constitution

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