Convention to draw up blueprint for Wales’ independence

Talat Chaudhri
Pro-independence groups have said they intend to establish a convention to outline how Wales can become a free state.
The groups say Wales must have its own plan to achieve independence, especially with a Scottish referendum due in 2023.
The new think tank, Melin Drafod, will bring together a coalition of groups to look at practical questions including finance, currency and international relations.
Their aim is to present an initial plan by the end of 2022, with a final report published by summer 2023.
Chair of the new think tank Melin Drafod, Talat Chaudhri, said:
“Wales needs to be ready to take its opportunity to join the rest of the free nations of the world. There is no time to lose – with the UK quickly unravelling, Wales needs to be ready for its future as a progressive, independent country.
“Wales’ independence is inevitable. We are coming together because we need a plan to ensure that we can use the powers of independence to build together a society that is fair, green and progressive. If we get the plan right, we can be a beacon to the rest of the world.”
“We cannot rely on others to shape our destiny for us: we, the ordinary citizens of Wales, need to take the lead ourselves.”
Among the groups who will be supporting the Independence Convention are Cymdeithas yr Iaith, former members of YesCymru’s national committee, Welsh Football Fans for Independence, AUOBCymru and Undod.
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